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Sometimes there are client concerns that take priority over an aesthetic service.
At Bendigo Skin Clinic, we offer therapeutic treatments for a variety of conditions.
We are here to help our clients, all it takes is a complimentary consultation with Clare to discuss your potential options.

excessive sweat


Anti-wrinkle injections aim to be a long term solution to excessive body sweating. This condition that’s not related to exercise can be an awkward and uncomfortable condition to address. Results are expected to be seen within four weeks after treatment. 

leg veins therapeutic


Sclerotherapy is the treatment of unwanted spider and other veins. Solution is injected directly into the vein using an incredibly fine needle, collapsing the vein for the body to naturally absorb later. This service is essentially pain free and results are visible right before your eyes during treatment.

teeth grinding therapeutic


This condition affects 20% of people. It can occur subconsciously in alignment with stress or anxiety, and often during sleep. With treatment, anti-wrinkle solution is injected with a fine needle to relax the facial muscles, offering relief for suffering clients.