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cheekbones - aftercare-filler

You may place an ice pack on the treated area immediately after treatment, to soothe and reduce bruising and swelling.

Avoid massaging or putting excessive pressure on the treated area for 72 hours. Dermal filler is mouldable for a few weeks so avoid pressure to the treated area that could cause an indentation – such as wearing swimming goggles.

Avoid extended exposure to the sun or UV light and extreme temperature for 2 weeks.

Do not apply makeup for 12 hours.

Redness, pain, swelling, bruising, itching and discolouration to the treated area may occur and are related to the treatment.

You may feel a little uncomfortable after your injections, and panadol can be taken for this. Please return for a review appointment 2-4 weeks after treatment, to ensure you are totally satisfied with your results.