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Microdermabrasion and Hydrobrasion

Microdermabrasion and Hydrobrasion


The fitted diamond tip with interchangeable grit levels allows for a mechanical abrasion. In addition, the device is using a negative pressure closed loop to suction your skin into the hollow of the diamond tip.

This suction helps increase and encourage your blood towards the upper layers of your skin, this is then going to give you more oxygen and nutrient exchange which in turn will increase cellular energy.

Your cell will become invigorated and start regenerating in a larger, healthier and more uniform mannerism. This affect helps to smoothen the surface of your skin known as the stratum corneum or the ‘outer layer’, this is the part of the skin that naturally sheds and we are encouraging it to shed more rapidly than you could at home.

You will feel suctioning on the skin as we encourage new cell turnover of healthy, energised cell with a better compaction of cells in the epidermis that will add to a better, more firm structure of the skin.


Same fantastic mechanism as your microdermabrasion but with the addition of liquid. Dead skin cells and sebum are suctioned up at the same time your customised liquid is pushed onto the skin.

This liquid can be customised by your skin technician to suit your skin needs and may include our Ultraceuticals active serums or peels for a stronger treatment.